About Chris Durham

Chris Durham Motorsports is located in Pickens SC

120 Roberta Drive, Pickens, SC 29671

durham durable  designs


Link to Chris Durhams famous climb

published in many 4×4 magazines

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Tough trucks that climb walls. If you are interested in a tough truck that is trail ready this is the only number to call 864.420.1274. You can spend your money on a jeep in many ways. For many the word Jeep stands for just empty every pocket. Tons of people learn the hard way when it comes to the cost of off-roading. They modify thinking they have made good decisions, and then anxiously go out on the trail to test it out. Many times only to find that there was perhaps a better and more cost effective way. Chris Durham is an accomplished professional rock crawler and is known very well in the off road industry. Chris knows what will work and what will not work. He can suggest how to spend money the most efficient and cost effective way to meet your needs and expectations. He is not a salesman, and not representing a certain product. Chris is a full time hardcore wheeler who lives in the blue ridge mountains. He has wheeled all over the country and has tested tons of concepts. Chris is one of the most knowledgeable jeep experts in the country. He has patented designs that are on the market and is constantly pushing the limits of his equipment to get it to the next level. If you are looking to buy modify and get ready to trail ride, then there is no where else to go. It would be money wasted.

email: chris@chrisdurhammotorsports.com

email2: jeepcj10@charter.net

References upon request.

Chris Durham Motorsports Specializing in:

  • Jeep sales and service
  • Custom modifications
  • Projects (buy and sell)

Chris is now retired from competitive rock crawling.  Here are a few of his accomplishments:

Current Sponser:

  • Goodyear


2000 Series Winner in ARCA
2001 Two 1st Place wins in ARCA,
2nd Place in RockFest Series
2002 1st Place in EROCC Series,
2nd Place in UROC Series
4th Place in CALROC Series
5th Place in PROROC Series

One Response to “About Chris Durham”

  1. I am a fellow Tellico refugee and have not wheeled since 2006. Eventually I want to get back into trail riding. The 4×4 I wheeled was 1977 F150 with a 429/ C6/ 203/205 powertrain and dana44 front and 9 inch rear geared 4.10 with lockers both ends. Tires were 35 inch radials or 36 inch Swampers. My goal at the time was to wheel every trail in Tellico without breaking or winching. I do not own a tow rig so the truck has to remain street legal. My question for you is bounce an idea off of you:

    The idea I have is to run the 46″ Michelins with 2 inches of lift. I would run the truck to the trails with 30 inch tires swap on the 46″ and hit the trails. I have a pair of dana 60’s with 3.45 gearing. I was thinking of using the 205 low range to get the gearing low enough to turn the tires and the doubler for the low range. I know this would stress the axles and was wondering if the Dana 60’s could be upgraded to handle this or should I find a Dana 70 front/ GM 14 bolt. I figured you are best person to ask this question to.

    Glad to see you are still wheeling.

    John A.

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