Getting ready for Moab Utah 3-2010

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This weekend we did a run to test a proto-type for the Moab event coming up in a couple of weeks (moab easter jeep). In order to prepare Chris cut a monster of a new trail on the mountain. The way this work-in-progress is handling is too crazy to put into words. You will need to see it to believe it. It is NUTS! Thanks to Chris, Steve, Randy, Ron, Bob & Bob, Andrew, and Tyler. and all the others who turned out and put on a great show. Most of these guys have been published in the best Jeep Magazines. Here is a link to the latest. We had some great photo-op’s on this outing. Check out the photos from the run and feel free to make some comments.

Just as a teaser, just wait to see the photos from the Moab trip. I will see if we can post them while we are out there to keep you up to date. There may be one more test-runs before we head out for Moab, Utah.

One Response to “Getting ready for Moab Utah 3-2010”

  1. visitmoabutah Says:

    Rocky Mountain Extreme has established a Potato Salad Hill clean up fund for 2010 or shout out to Moab Solutions for the superior effort that organization will achieve cleaning up during the Safari Party.
    Welcome everyone! Please pitch in and contain litter.

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