Landrovers Modified by Chris Durham

Here are a couple examples of what Chris Durham is capable of doing. Here we have two of my personal Landrovers. A 1995 Defender 90 and a 2004 Discovery II. Basically Chris did the same thing to both. He made them way more capable than stock. Arb lockers front and rear, on board air. Custom rock guarding underneath. He only adds the necessary lift to keep the center low. Most of the people who have ever crawled around my trucks think that the work he did was from the factory.  The way he handles metal is nothing but top notch. I will try to post some the the examples of what i am talking about because it is crazy. Both of these trucks are protected front to back. When I handed them over to Chris, all I said was I want you to do to these truck what you would do if they were yours. Well, except for the part about cutting them with a plasma cutter, which he is very capable of doing, just not what I was going for here if you know what I mean. In my opinion the Discovery below is the best looking one I have ever seen.  notice the back bumper on the discovery is steel NOT stock. Let us know what you think. Enjoy and comments appreciated. More photos to come.

coal creek TN

ice and snow, those icicles were over 10-feet.

aluminium side guards and rock guards

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