below freezing new year run

A small group went out to see what frozen dirt would be like. The low temperatures really changed the terrain up for us. As the wheels spun, it seemed to polish the mud. The ground was so hard that first man up really did have the advantage. Chris Durham decided that he would run a stock Suzuki (sorry no photos) in front of the pack, that seemed to work for him most of the day, but you can ask him about the rest. Big Bob Poore got the front of his Toyota locked over the holidays and he was out there seeing what it would do. It made a big difference for him. Anyway, the red jeep you see in the images was not locked, but did extremely well with what he had; a good driver. The green buggy belongs to long time driver Big Ron. Ron’s buggy is very capable, the only truck that made it over the lower rock pile. Thanks to Ron for wheeling tips and the towing  service!

I didn’t make too many photographs this time out (sorry) it was a bit cold for the camera.

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