christmas run

These are photographs from the Christmas run we did over the weekend. We had a good turn out and a variety of trucks represented. Bob and Bob Poore were out with their Toyota’s making great work of the trails. Shupe, Ken, Steve, Ron, and Corby were also out, just to name a few. Chris Durham, as always right there to help when it was needed most. Some of the best entertainment was missed since it was me making a mess of the mountain side, and I couldn’t make photographs while making my uncontrolled decent down the hill. My recovery help almost made it down (involuntary) with me due to the the low torch in my jeep. I haven’t seen Chris laugh that hard before…glad to help Chris.

Chris just finished up his 4-cylinder turbo in his jeep and was testing it out on the trail.

Over all the group made easy work of the trails the majority of the day with few repairs and a couple winch-thru’s.

Here are the images from the run:

This is the first time playing with the video, so here we go:

Chris getting through some rocks:

Link to movie

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